Sunday, July 10, 2011

Asian Citrus Salmon

Salmon filet (buy size according to how many you'll serve I usually get one big enough to feed 6) 
2 oranges 
2 tbs freshly grated ginger 
1/4 cup low sodium soy sauce 
2 tbs extra virgin olive oil 
2 small pats of butter (optional...i'm leaving off now) 
salt and pepper 
2 tbs toasted sesame seeds 
2 tbs fresh cilantro 

Bake at 350 degrees for approx 20 mins 

Put foil on a cookie sheet and rinse the salmon filet, then lay the filet on the foil. Rub the fresh ginger into the flesh of the salmon. Pour Oil over salmon and then soy sauce. Squeeze 1 orange on the salmon and thinly slice the remaining orange to lay on the salmon at the end. Use salt and pepper to taste. Add the sesame seeds and cilantro and butter, if you are using, then spread the orange slices all over the fish. Lay another piece of foil on top of the salmon and then seal up the sides. Cook about 20 minutes or until the flesh flakes away lightly. 

Serve with sauteed cabbage with soy sauce and sesame seeds, salt and pepper and brown rice.

Caught In The Act

One morning as I wandered downstairs to get my morning cup of coffee, I noticed that my favorite Tinker Bell pen and several of my paint brushes were strewn across the floor.  I figured one of the kitties must have brought them down.  I put them back in their proper place and went about my day.  Later on in the afternoon as I go to the kitchen, low and behold several of my paint brushes are again at the bottom of the stairs.  This went on for several weeks until the other day while I was in the art room making a gift for my mother in law I caught this on camera.

Let me introduce Stormy Diva Demon Monster Balazs my 3year old domestic long haired mixed breed Bombay.  Her name at the Southside Animal Shelter where we adopted her from was Velcro.  She was 4 months old when we adopted her and she loved to climb and hang on things, especially cages.  The sad thing about this misadventure of hers was that my other kitty Rajhi was getting blamed for the misbehavior. 

This is Rajhi my 1 year old Silver Bengal.  Stormy has apologized to Rajhi for getting him into trouble and she has since told me she just wanted to paint some pretty art too.  I wished I could have gotten the photo of her covered in gold flake and glitter the other day, but she was too fast for me.  I think I may have to set up a nanny cam...LOL!