Saturday, November 13, 2010

Kitchen Witch

A Kitchen Witch can be defined as a Witch or Wiccan who does spells using food, herbs, crafts and kitchen utensils. This type of Witch does not cast a Circle while doing these spells. I have formed the opinion that as Kitchen Witches use their own power and the power inherent in their tools, rather than call for divine power or tap the energy around them; they don't need to use a Circle. Using the energy or power from within makes it less dangerous as the Witch is not opening herself to the outside.

The types of spells that I cast as a Kitchen Witch focus on what can be done in cooking a special dish. As I mix the ingredients together and prepare the food, I concentrate my own energies into the properties of the food. The Kitchen Witch uses her energy to enhance the food and in doing so, she imprints her purpose onto the food. The spell is 'activated' when the food is eaten. As the personal energy of the Witch is used, emotions are especially easy to impart. Healing and a sense of wellbeing can be very easy things to accomplish through Kitchen Witchery.  However, if a Kitchen Witch feels frustrated with a particular dish or ingredient, these feelings can be transferred to the finished product. This is why a Kitchen Witch, or a good cook, will never cook an unfamiliar dish for a special occasion.

The kitchen can be the most important place in a home for a Kitchen Witch. My kitchen is most definitely the heart of my home.  I do the majority of my spells in the kitchen, whether it is baking a cake for a family member’s birthday or make an herbal tea for a sick friend. You will find in my kitchen a glass bowl holding many little plastic bags of my apothecary herbs, herbs growing on my window sills, herbs hanging from my pot rack drying for use later, cookbooks galore, crystals, statues, a bakers rack filled with essential oils and the mundane things too. These items can be fairly standard in a Kitchen Witch’s kitchen.

Fruits and vegetables have special powers, just like essential oils. There are many lists in existence, which describe their powers but my tradition dictates that a Witch must discover them his/herself. This discovery can be a slow process as the Witch learns their uses through cooking and intuition. Each list will always be a little different anyway. For spices, their powers are similar to those in oils or incense.

Recipes are often handed down through families or from teacher to student. As they are highly personal, it is always an honor to receive a recipe from a Kitchen Witch. My family has many cookie recipes in particular that go back generations, along with many other recipes. You will find some of these recipes listed in my recipes section.  

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