Sunday, September 25, 2011


Just an update to let you know why I have been MIA (missing in action).  Our family has been going through a myriad of issues.  I've been dealing with health issues again, we have had deaths in the family and my stepfather suffered a stroke.  Each day has been spent just getting through the day lately.  I've sought guidance with the Goddess and God during these difficult times and have found solace and tranquility gazing at the lovely full moon.    I have managed to get my articles written for Spirit Magazines so if you would like to see the monthly herbal articles check them out  I also have several friends that seem to be going through similar situations, maybe it is a sign of the times right now.  I send to them and any one else positive healing energy through the Universe.

On a happy note, the Goddess blessed me with being able to take in 3 orphaned kittens 2 weeks ago.  I believe they were either dumped off or their mother was killed; but the situation in which they were found still leads me to believe they were left there.  They are thriving well and gaining weight.  As soon as they are old enough I will be looking for wonderful homes for them.

I will be taking new pictures of them soon.  They are much bigger now and walking around.  Soon I won't be able to keep them in their box!  I hope every one had a blessed Mabon and may you have a wonderful Samhein.

Blessed Be!


Anonymous said...

Hi, I hope everything will get better for you all.
The kittens are so cute. Good luck with them.
Have a magical day.

Dragonfly said...

I wish well to you and your family, and those kittens are so lucky to have found a good friend in you.

J x