Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Coral is a Gem for emotional Foundation. Coral protects and strengthens one's emotional foundation.

Red Coral is associated with Mars and those born under that planetary influence viz., Aries or Scorpio. Red Coral is said to cool their intense fiery natures.  Eastern astrologers believe that Coral has a great  influence on those who were born under the sign of Aries. It is believed to quell a fiery nature. The Pink Coral is said to favor women born under Aries and Scorpio. It helps one think and behave in a loving manner.

Coral's greatest spiritual value is that it islike a wise teacher. It teaches us to value life and our place in it. It shows us the importance of living so that we make the world a good place for the children and  grandchildren that follow. A beautiful symbol of the importance of creatures and plants living harmoniously together.

Natural Healers consider Pink Coral important to the Heart Chakra. It is sometimes associated with Cancer.  Healers associate this stone with Pisces, circulation and increasing intuition. It is useful for protecting the health of children. It aids in blood/circulatory problems as well as menstrual/uterine concerns. For best results, use fresh coral. The power of coral diminishes as its color fades.

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