Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Moon Protection for Amulets Spell

Moon Protection for Amulets
Amulet Protection Spell
Place a jewel, that you regularly carry on you, in a cup of spring water a day before the full moon. The following day, on the evening of full moon, stir the water three times with your finger in a clockwise motion. Take the cup in your hands and in a clockwise, stirring motion, move the cup in a clockwise, circular, stirring motion three times. Then, repeat these words aloud:

Oh Light of the Moon,
Wrap me
Protect Me
Keep me from harm.

Raise the cup towards the sky and drink the water. Remove the jewel from the cup. You must carry it on your person to the next full moon in order to ensure your protection. Repeat this ritual every month to benefit from its influence. 


Kasia said...

How cool is that? Thanks for the ritual spell! Stuff like this was used in ancient times too no?


Ponderosa Pagan said...

Love this spell. Hope you do not mind but I will be adding it to my BOS. I will of course give you credit when reciting it as you are the one who introduced me to it!
Blessed be!