Monday, October 4, 2010

Witchy Halloween Trivia

On Halloween (or as we witches like to call it Samhain) in the year 1970, the Parks Department of New York City granted the Witches International Craft Associates (W.I.C.A.) a permit to hold a "Witch-In."  The festive event was held in Sheep Meadow in Central Park and attended by well over one thousand persons.  It was one of the first public pagan gatherings to be held in the United States, paving the way for such events as Circle Sanctuary's Spirit Gathering, the CraftWise Pagan Gatherings, Starwood Witchstock and others.

The New Reformed Orthodox Order of the Golden Dawn was formed on Halloween in the year 1967.  The thirty-first of October is also the charter date for the Covenant of the Goddess--the largest federation of covens and solitary elders from different Wiccan traditions.

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